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Up your chances of generating wealth

If you have a job right now and that career is your only source of income, your chances of generating wealth are slim to none.

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If you have a job and you are also building a network marketing business part time, then you have a money maker machine (if you are making money with your business off course!).


Whether you are working your network marketing business part time or full time, there is different ways that you can create multiple income streams.

The secret is to use your blog as an income builder! Your blog is the nerve center of any marketing campaign you do.

Search engines love content and your blog should be full of it. If you don't have a blog yet, I would recommend getting one ASAP.

There is multiple courses out there that will teach you not only how to create one, but also how to optimize it to generate a money maker website.

Multiple Streams of Income Categories

There are a few categories when it comes to multiple streams of income: Competing, Non-competing, and Supplemental.

Stay away from competing income streams because in the long term, it may affect your profits. Competing income means any money that is made through 2 different vehicles that can cause a conflict of interest.

For example, doing business with 2 different network marketing companies could cause you problems depending on companies policies.

Most network marketing firms will not allow you to be a distributor for another company at the same time. However, you can partner up with an affiliate marketing group that pays you commissions in just one level.

Supplemental is anything that would help your main money maker stream (your primary company) growing without causing issues.

Other Ways to build a Money Maker System

When you successfully reach thousands of visitors to your website a day, you can start selling a space in your blog to other marketers.

You can choose to partner up with people that have something to offer that will bring more value to your blog; for example, an internet marketing consultant.

As a matter of fact, Consulting could be another money maker stream for you.

There are thousands of individuals over the internet looking for marketing advice and you could be the expert that will give them professional guidance.

Another profitable system is offering valuable information to your loyal visitors through a subscription to your own newsletter.

This technique will create an additional form of passive income other than your primary company.


As you can see, there is several different ways that you can profit over the internet. There are many more additional methods to create a money maker empire.

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