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9 days and counting!

While I'm saving the more dense Nelson Mandela biography and post- apartheid culture books for my 16 hour flight, today I read a South African guide book to see what I want to do on my days off. As far as I can tell, the possibilities are endless. My "must-do"s are bargain shopping in the markets, (I love a good deal), checking out the wide variety of contemporary art galleries, going on a vineyard tour (where you can make your own wine! right up my ally), and DEFINITELY going on a safari.

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Other options include bungee jumping, something called "kloofing" which involves boulder hopping and wading through the water (no thank you), air sports, whale watching, battlefield tours, and plenty of golf (also no thank you)! I am also really lucky to be down there in July, when the National Art Festival will take place. The guidebook described it as an extremely popular two-weeks of local and international film, dance, visual arts, and music. Could not be happier to be in town for the event!

Also learned about South Africa's "Big Five" animals that people are likely to see on safari. The top 5 animals are (Drumroll please) 1.) Lions 2.) The black rhinoceros 3.) Buffaloes 4.) Leopards 5.) Elephants. If I could see just one of these guys in the wild the trip would be worth it. I mean the Bronx Zoo is cool and all..but to see them in the wild would be beyond amazing.

While I am still most excited for my internship and what I'll be doing for the Origins Centre, I can't wait to experience the culture and sites of a place I have never been. Don't worry, I'm bringing my camera and, as all my friends know, I'm extremely picture happy, so if I get to experience it, you will too by reading by blog!

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