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Why You Should Support Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis. Opposing the medicinal use of the plant at this point is absurd.We have what is quickly forming into a mountain of irrefutable evidence of the healing properties of cannabis. Better yet, the medical successes with cannabis have thus far all been with the plant in it's natural form, rather than being rolled into a chemical cocktail that creates more complications than it fixes.

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Medicinal Cannabis works.

The healing properties of cannabis are now finally being backed by undeniable evidence. Patients all over the world are experiencing exponential improvements in their quality of life thanks to this innocuous little plant:

Wait, I thought "medicinal" patients we're all pretty much people faking illnesses to get high?

Not by a long shot. While it's true that cannabis users like that exist, they are in the minority. Much like the worst of alcohol abusers, they're the only ones you ever really hear about since responsible drinkers are simply going about their lives without incident. The real face of medicinal cannabis are people with legitimate medical issues, and they range from children to the elderly. Even at this early stage of our understanding of cannabis's medicinal uses, these patients are experiencing real, dramatic improvements to their health.

So what ailments exactly has cannabis been used to treat?

This is by no means the definitive list of the successes of medicinal cannabis thus far, let alone what we may potentially discover as cannabis research continues.

  • Pain and loss of appetite associated with chronic illness:Sufferers of cancer and HIV have stemmed the dangerous weight loss associated with their conditions. Patients have been able to maintain healthier weights thanks to medicinal cannabis, improving their overall health and quality of life. Cannabis also reduces chronic nerve pain associated with these conditions.
  • Cancer : Cannabis has been shown to have anti-tumor effects. You heard that right, cannabis has the potential to be a powerful weapon against the plague of the modern era.
  • Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders: Patients suffering fromirritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease have had their symptoms dramatically reduced, and several anecdotal stories have some these patients have reporting going into complete remission.
  • SeizureDisorders: Probably the most celebrated medicinal cannabis success story thus far, Charlotte Figi was famously relieved of the worst of her symptoms thanks to medicinal cannabis. She quite literally went from being tragically debilitated to being a happy, healthy, little kid experiencing life as a little kid should.
  • Nausea/Vomiting : With particular success among patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Muscle Spasms: Especially those associated with multiple sclerosis.
  • Insomnia : A wicked side effect of many debilitating illnesses, medicinal cannabis has been used as a non-narcotic sleep aid with great success. Rest is paramount in maintaining your health, especially if you're suffering a chronic illness.

But I hate smoking / I don't want to get high.

This is a legitimate concern. The verdict is still out on cannabis smoke's relationship with lung cancer, and many people understandably don't want to inhale smoke for a myriad of health reasons. Thankfully there are other options for delivery than simply burning cannabis and inhaling the resulting smoke:

  • Edibles : Cannabis can be concentrated into an oil form, which can then be used in cooking. Medicinal edibles have become something of a subculture of it's own, with many health-conscious patients devising cleverrecipes with cannabis oil.
  • Vaporization : Vaporization is a lot like smoking in practice, but the major difference is that cannabis vapor is purer and contains much less carcinogens than smoke. People who switch from smoking to vaporization often report feeling healthier overall.
  • Topicals : Medicinal cannabis concentrates can be used in creams and lotions that have seen great success as topical pain relief for patients suffering joint or muscle pain, and patients with arthritis. It's also been effective in treating certain skin conditions.
  • Capsule : More along the lines of edibles than an actual pill. Research has suggested that the healing properties of cannabis work best in it's natural state, rather than being processed into a man-made chemical concentrate. Thus, the most effective cannabis capsules are essentially the flower or oil simply placed into an indigestible capsule.

But what about the "high" part? Also a legitimate concern. But again, let's take a look at the facts first. The prime psychoactive compound in cannabis is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is what causes the euphoric state that is commonly associated with cannabis. While many patients are happy to experience the high associated with cannabis, it isn't appropriate for everyone.

A largeportion of medicinal cannabis patients are children, and even recreational cannabis supporters agree that it would be highly irresponsible to needlessly subject the developing brain of a child to a mind altering substance. Thankfully, through careful growing techniques cannabis cultivators have been able to create several strains that contain only trace amounts of THC, while still retaining (and in a couple cases, increasing exponentially) the amount of CBD (Cannabidiol), or the prime medicinal compound in cannabis. Charlotte Figi is quite possibly the most famous case of a high CBD cannabis strain being used to quite literally save a patient's life. Her story is remarkable, and serves as a true testament that cannabis can heal without getting you high. High-CBD cannabis strains can be delivered in any of the methods mentioned above, in Charlotte's case the high CBD cannabis was concentrated into an oil, she takes her medication with meals.

The age of most cannabis patients may surprise you.

Patients over 40 make up the majority of prescription cannabis patients, with a major portion of them being over the age of 55. Across the world there is mounting evidence that cannabis is a healthier alternative than the thousands of prescription drugs that are prescribed to seniors. Cannabis has very few (if any) side effects, none of them serious (and many of which can be avoided by opting to vaporize or ingest rather than smoke). Especially when compared to the side effects of the bouquet of pills anyone over the age of 65 can inevitably expect to be prescribed. Seniors across the world are experiencing increased quality of life thanks to replacing many of their prescriptions with cannabis at their doctor's recommendation.

21 states have legalized medicinal cannabis.

That is, as of April of 2014, 21 states have legalized medicinal cannabis, with 8 more states with pending legislation. The outlook is positive, and with each victory the stigma surrounding cannabis is broken down just a little more. It's time for the rest of the United States to follow suit.

Even Medical professionals agree.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta famously changed his mind on cannabis after years of blindly following the "facts" of how the federal government had been portraying cannabis for years. Medical research and peer reviewed study is quickly establishing as fact what has been discussed as conjecture for decades, and what has been known by mankind for a eons cannabis isn't the dangerous, ambition-draining, family destroying drug it's been made out to be. It's actually relatively harmless, and has a myriad of medical uses. The time to be irrationally afraid of this plant is over. It's time that we all look at the proof of what cannabis actually is, rather than simply going off of what we have been told. Cannabis has saved lives already, who knows how many more it can potentially save once it's legalized further across the United States.

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