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So much pressure!!!

When I started sharing my thoughts on American Idol it was just something I did for fun. I figured, I had a blog, I needed something to blog about why not blog about Idol. I had no idea what it would turn into.

People tune into my radio show specifically to hear what I have to say about Idol. I get phone calls at work if they missed my recap. My blog traffic has gone through the roof. I get emails from people who want to discuss it. I'm even getting people stopping me on the street now commenting on something I've said on the air or something they've read in this blog regarding American Idol.

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It's actually a little intimidating now. I feel like the pressure is on to have a great recap and analysis every week. I really had no clue people would get so into one man's thoughts on a TV show. At the same time, it's very flattering. Who doesn't enjoy having their opinion appreciated and respected!

So I pledge to do my best to share my thoughts and keep you in the loop. Now all I need to do is hope this blog finds it's way to the appropriate people so that next year I can be sitting in a judges chair right in between Paula and Kara! Oh how I would relish the opportunity to share my criticism, constructive of course, with somebody like Tatiana Del Toro! :p

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