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I don't know what to look for in Cider.

To be honest, I don't know what I'm looking for in Cider so I'll shut up and pour. It's clear and bubbly with a mild head that disappeared into a lager-like ring of carbonation. The Korean peninsula in bubbles is hanging out in the middle of the glass. The beverage makes noise as the bubbles dissipate. Like Rice Krispies. Smells like champagne. Fermented apples versus fermented grapes, right? According to the bottle I'm supposed to just taste the apple. I'm definitely getting some bitter character, maybe from the yeast. It's wine-esque at the end.

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The apple's brilliant right up front. I want to buy a dozen of these Pippen apples. Or Newtowns or whatever they are. The liquid disappears rather quickly and makes way for a bitterness which I assume is the wine yeast. Just spitballin' here. On the whole, I like it. The dryness makes me want more of that big apple blast. The liquid itself is a suave bit of glory, not unlike apple juice. It's a little thinner than that, but it's texturally fantastic. I the future, I'll be recommending this one to the uncertain Cider shopper.

Le Terroir is the New Belgium Lips of Faith Series' dry hopped sour ale. I think I'll need a few sips to get the cider off my breath. Turning the Spotify to Accept. Can't shake the 80s metal.

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